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format file ndk

What is a ndk file and how do I open a ndk file?

The NDK is file extension known as Lotus Notes Design Elements File which was developed by IBM. The NDK file is a data file format used to create and customize the Lotus users interface. Lotus Notes and Domino are a fundamental component of IBM Workplace. "DESKTOP6.ndk" contains design elements with NoteIDS and UNIDS plus workspaces, while "CACHE.ndk" stores recently used elements and unread journal that is used for same client access. Cache.ndk files are created whenever "Notes" starts and contains all the design elements of the Note file. It was a program designed for developing and testing optimization methods. It is just similar to RSD, RGO and PPTM file types. Previous versions of Lotus Notes used the .dsk extension for design elements files. However Windows XP and OS/2 adopted .dsk files for system backups and Notes had to change to avoid confusion. Files in NDK format can be opened with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Designer in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended ndk file download:
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Designer
Detail ndk file extension information:
File Type: ndk
File Format: Lotus Notes Design Elements File
Primary Association: Data Files