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format file ndx

What is a ndx file and how do I open a ndx file?

The NDX file extension is known as dBASE Index File which was developed by Databased Intelligence Inc. It defines the structure and fields of a database which consists of a header followed by a B-tree, root, branch, and leaf nodes or block. The nodes size is fixed at 512 bytes. The header contains block numbers, length of search key, logical flag and several fields. Root, branch and leaf blocks can be in any order. The files could be jointly searched and the joining factors were stored in an index file. It is used primarily by dBASE, but may be recognized by other database programs. dBASE IV supports NDX as well as MDX index files compatible with dBASE 111.ndx are files for single indexes while MDX are for multiple indexes. Files in NDX format can be opened with dataBased Intelligence dBASE, Microsoft FoxPro, NewsStand Reader in Microsoft Windows platforms. A simple index uses a single field name for the key expression while a complex index uses a dBase expression.

Recommended ndx file download:
dataBased Intelligence dBASE
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail ndx file extension information:
File Type: ndx
File Format: dBASE Index File
Primary Association: Data Files