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format file nnp

What is a nnp file and how do I open a nnp file?

The NNP file extension is also known as the ANNI Neural Network Portfolio File which was developed by Neural Science. ANNI features a built in support to automatically open the last Portfolio File and begin training the ANNI Files as soon as Windows starts. It is an effective way to manage large portfolios of modeled securities. It is also essential in learning about Portfolio Groups and allows individual management of a group of stocks. This software includes news, advanced graphs, training times, performance and output logs for each security. Files in NNP format can be opened with Neural Science ANNI in Microsoft Windows platforms. It is essential to create a Portfolio file for each group of files that user want all computers to train on. Then when the Portfolio file is open, select a file that is a few files out of sync with the rest of the computers running the same Portfolio file.

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Neural Science ANNI
Detail nnp file extension information:
File Type: nnp
File Format: ANNI Neural Network Portfolio File
Primary Association: Data Files