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format file nvl

What is a nvl file and how do I open a nvl file?

The NVL file extension is known as UniChem Results File and is associated with UniChem chemistry analysis software when a job has been completed. It is used to obtain the ASCII version of the data. Files in NVL format can be opened with Oxford Molecular UniChem in Microsoft Windows platforms. UniChem incorporates three chemistry simulation codes with a graphical user interface (GUI.) UniChem is a well-established computational chemistry software package used by industry and research organizations, such as DuPont, Exxon Research & Engineering, and Phillips Petroleum. It complements existing quantum mechanics solutions available from Oxford Molecular Group, giving customers greater choice in this sector. UniChem was sold by Cray Research, Inc. to Oxford Molecular Group. The acquisition of Unichem enables Oxford Molecular to increase its competitiveness in the quantum chemistry sector and add supercomputing capabilities to its range of software solutions for integrated molecular design. The agreement includes transfer of technology and software licenses.

Recommended nvl file download:
Oxford Molecular UniChem
Detail nvl file extension information:
File Type: nvl
File Format: UniChem Results File
Primary Association: Data Files