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format file odx

What is an odx file and how do I open an odx file?

The ODX file extension is known as BizTalk Server Orchestration File which was developed by Microsoft. It is a file format of a business process orchestration diagram used for creating a visual representation of executable business processes. They can be validated using the Orchestration Checker tool, which checks for logic errors in the business process orchestration diagram. It is also important to correct any validation errors to be able to complete the export process. They can be exported by the user and then a solutions developer can import the .odx file into Orchestration Designer and then use the diagram as a starting point for implementing an orchestration. All orchestration files created are in .odx file extension. It is also important to note that files of type .odx with the same file name overwrite each other if user copies them to the same location. Aside from Orchestration, Biztalk application also contains maps, schemas, and pipelines. Files in ODX format can be opened with Microsoft BizTalk Server in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Microsoft BizTalk Server
Detail odx file extension information:
File Type: odx
File Format: BizTalk Server Orchestration File
Primary Association: Data Files