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format file opx

What is an opx file and how do I open an opx file?

Files with the .opx extension are mainly known as organizational charts that OrgPlus created. OrgPlus is a program used to create charts and is usually used by companies in saving information about their workforce. These organization charts that contain workforce information are called .opx files and they can be shared to other users. Any OrgPlus applications can be used to create these .opx organizational charts. The file extension is also associated with the FlipAlbum program. This program is used to create digital albums and users can store their images and photo collection using this software. The .opx files refer to the information describing all the images contained in the album wherein these files are helpful in locating pictures and images within the album. Different versions of the software can be used to open files with the .opx extension. Other applications associated with this file extension are Exact Inactive Options, OPL Extension DLL,Psion, and OrgChart.

Recommended opx file download:
Insperity OrgPlus
Insperity OrgPlus Reader
Detail opx file extension information:
File Type: opx
File Format: OrgPlus Org Chart
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/orgplus