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format file or2

What is an or2 file and how do I open an or2 file?

The .or2 file extension is classified as a data file created by Lotus Organizer 2. This program is a popular program used to create and save personal information into the .or2 format. The program can save users the hassle of organizing their notes and schedules manually. Users no longer need to provide an actual notebook organizer because they can organize all their tasks and schedules using the computer as long as they have this program which is why this software is also called an electronic day planner. This software is good for both business and personal use. The files with the .or2 extension used by this program contain the user’s schedule, list of tasks, and other personal notes saved using the software. This format makes it easy to access these files and open them using the IBM Lotus Organizer 2 or later versions of the software. These .or2 files can also be opened with Lotus SmartSuite and Organize Quick & Easy 6.0 software.

Recommended or2 file download:
IBM Lotus Organizer 2 or later
Detail or2 file extension information:
File Type: or2
File Format: Lotus Organizer 2 File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.lotus-organizer