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format file out

What is an out file and how do I open an out file?

The .out file extension is used by various programs because it is a general file extension. Files with the .out extension contain texts that are used for the purpose of logging as well as analyzing the unexpected behavior of certain software. The .out files are usually in plain text format and they are mostly used for debugging which is why in terms of errors occurring to various applications, these files are sent to the developer. There are a variety of applications that use this very essential fie extension such as 3WayPack; a software for handling 3-way data; MyInfo; software for managing personal information; NEi Nastran; software mostly used by companies; Pro/ENGINEER; design software; and PSpice; software used to simulate circuits and logics for SPICE. Mostly, these .out files are text files and because of that, they can be opened with the use of any text editor, making it easy for these files to be accessed in case they are required.

Mac OS
Recommended out file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Apple TextEdit
Any text editor
Detail out file extension information:
File Type: out
File Format: Output File
Primary Association: Data Files