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format file pcr

What is a pcr file and how do I open a pcr file?

Files with the .pcr extension are files created by PCMark Vantage wherein this program is mainly used for the creation of performance benchmarks for all programs in a Windows computer. In other words, this is a program used to test the performance of all programs found in a Windows computer, including the OS itself. With this, the results of the test performance, whether it is the performance of the CPU, the disk or the memory that’s tested; are called .pcr files. They contribute a lot to improving the function of Windows and its programs as well as even games, music and other applications found in that system. Files with the .pcr extension are also project files created by Creatcard; software that allows users to create and edit greeting cards, wherein these .pcr files are called postcard files. Aside from that, the .pcr file extension is also used by applications such as Print Shop Deluxe and PrintMaster, wherein they are used to create greeting cards too. The .pcr files used in these applications are called image files.

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Detail pcr file extension information:
File Type: pcr
File Format: PCMark Vantage Benchmark File
Primary Association: Data Files