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format file pd4

What is a pd4 file and how do I open a pd4 file?

The .pd4 file extension is a Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File because it is used by database files used by Windows Live Photo Gallery. This program is popularly known to be used for the management of movies, photos and other images. This allows users to create an electronic gallery whether they fill it with their own pictures or pictures they have just taken. This is mostly used by photographers who want to create a photo gallery to showcase their works. The .pd4 files used in this file type contain descriptions of these images and videos such as properties, file names, and other user data and they are usually stored in this directory - %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live Photo Gallery. This file extension is also used by DFSee wherein these files are used as backup files for the boot sector and partition tables. There are also several applications used to open .pd4 files and these are Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery, Filesig Simple Carver Suite, Microsoft Windows Vista , and DFSee .

Recommended pd4 file download:
Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery
Filesig Simple Carver Suite
Detail pd4 file extension information:
File Type: pd4
File Format: Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
Primary Association: Data Files