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format file peb

What is a peb file and how do I open a peb file?

The .peb file extension is mostly used as ProEST+ Buildings File. The .peb files are files created using the ProEST+ Buildings tool for estimating projects and drawing images in 3D. This tool was developed by AEC Logic Private Limited Software and the files with the .peb extension are usually the files that contain the design, the drawings and project estimates and other data created and saved with this program. The AEC Logic ProEST+ Buildings 2009 is the appropriate application used to open these .peb files. This file extension is also associated with the famous Corel WordPerfect program used for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. These files contribute a lot to the program’s macro functions and were responsible for the enhancement and expanding of the program’s features. This file extension is also responsible for the improved function of the Alt plus keystroke used by the application wherein, if before this specific program function lacks drops down menu features for word processing, the application has seen an excellent advancement because of these files.

Recommended peb file download:
AEC Logic ProEST+ Buildings 2009
Detail peb file extension information:
File Type: peb
File Format: ProEST+ Buildings File
Primary Association: Data Files