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format file pex

What is a pex file and how do I open a pex file?

The .pex file extension is used by a variety of applications. It is used by Merak Peep as data files that contain reports as well as models usually used for the Merak peep program; a program that evaluates petroleum economy. These .pex files allow the analysis of risks, estimation and other tasks that will allow users to evaluate petroleum economy using the Merak Peep program. Aside from that, files with the .pex extension are also considered executable files and they are usually run using the ProBoard bulletin board system. With the use of ProBoard’s kit for the development of software, these files usually contain C/C++ and they contribute a lot to running the program. The .pex file extension is also attached to files and documents that West Publisher created wherein this program is a widely used program for capturing digital artifacts. These .pex files are important for court hearings as well as in legal proceedings as they serve as exhibit files.

Recommended pex file download:
Merak Peep
Detail pex file extension information:
File Type: pex
File Format: Merak Peep Data File
Primary Association: Data Files