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format file pgpf

What is a pgpf file and how do I open a pgpf file?

The .pgpf file extension stands for Password Generator Password File because it is used mainly for files that are created or found in the Password Generator software. The Password Generator software is known to help users generate and manage passwords to any applications. This software can be used to create login pages wherein login information is required. The main function of the .pgpf files is login information storage since they mostly contain the passwords, the e-mail addresses, the username, and the password questions. These information are usually used to login to an account or an application. These files help a lot to allowing users login to their accounts whether it is a website or an application. This file extension was developed by Musicisforliving.com and can exclusively be opened only with the use of Musicisforliving.com Password Generator. However, these files can also be opened using third party applications such as .PGPF file editor and converters.

Recommended pgpf file download:
Musicisforliving.com Password Generator
Detail pgpf file extension information:
File Type: pgpf
File Format: Password Generator Password File
Primary Association: Data Files