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format file phb

What is a phb file and how do I open a phb file?

Files with the .phb extension are mostly used by Motorola mobile phones as phone book files. These files contain all data stored in the Motorola phonebook such as contacts, and other information about these contacts. However, these files are mainly used for back up and restoration and can be created either via USB port or Motorola Phone Support Tools. This allows users to restore and save the contents of their phonebook in case the mobile phone needs to be fixed. These .phb files are also used by PhotoBase. PhotoBase is a program used for digital image organization and the creation of slide show presentations. The .phb files used by this program mostly contain links that lead to the images created and saved using the program. They are deemed as album files because they play a great role in the compilation of numerous images in a single album.

Recommended phb file download:
Motorola Phone Tools
Detail phb file extension information:
File Type: phb
File Format: Motorola Phone Book File
Primary Association: Data Files