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format file phm

What is a phm file and how do I open a phm file?

Files with the .phm extension are Pro Home Manager Data File which means they are mainly used by the Pro Home Manager program. This program allows users to perform the tasks of managing inventory as well as home maintenance. These.phm files are deemed as database files because they are in the form of databases containing information such as reminders, schedules, tasks, inventory lists whether they are household properties or not, as well as other information that could help users maintain and manage their home inventory. Once the program is launched, these files are automatically y opened. However, these .phm files are also used by the Phorm Company and they are mainly used by almost all Phorm products. The great role played by the .phm file extension in the Phorm Company is in terms of providing users more excellent internet marketing. Aside from Phorm, the Lync Company also makes use of the .phm file extension as phonebook files. The Lync software’s role is related to the security of information while the .phm files contain relevant phonebook information such as contacts, addresses, etc.

Recommended phm file download:
Pro Home Manager Personal Edition
Detail phm file extension information:
File Type: phm
File Format: Pro Home Manager Data File
Primary Association: Data Files