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format file pi

What is a pi file and how do I open a pi file?

The .pi file extension is used by several applications, one of which is the iPi. This program is used for pi calculations. When a user calculates pi through this program, the results or the progress of the calculations are saved using the .pi file extension. Therefore, since iPi is a program that allows users to calculate pi and save his or her progress, the .pi files refer to these saved progress. However, not all files using the .pi extension mean they are useful and helpful files because the .pi file extension could also mean files that are infected by the W32.Sobig.D@mm worm; a virus file that could threaten the system and harm all user files. In other words, this file extension can also be associated with this worm file and users may need to use anti-virus software in order to take control over this file and prevent it from corrupting the system.

Mac OS
Recommended pi file download:
10101 Software iPi
10101 Software iPi
Detail pi file extension information:
File Type: pi
File Format: Pi Calculation Data File
Primary Association: Data Files