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format file pka

What is a pka file and how do I open a pka file?

Files using the .pka extension refer to activity files that the Packet Tracer tool created. These files are usually created during a practice session since the said tool is used as a system for learning interactive network. This software was developed by Cisco and it is a very helpful tool when it comes to the creation of network topologies, device configuration, packet injections, as well as the simulation of multiple visual representation networks. Usually, these .pka files contain information regarding the practice session saved using the .pka extension. The file extension is also used by the PKarc compression utility and these files are deemed as PKArc compressed file archive because the whole archive containing the compressed files use the .pka file extension. .pka files are also deemed as animation files mostly used by the PointLineCAD 3D software since they refer to the animation files created and saved using the software. However, this file extension is only attached to animation files created by the software in 3D and not in 2D formats.

Recommended pka file download:
Cisco Packet Tracer
Detail pka file extension information:
File Type: pka
File Format: Packet Tracer Activity File
Primary Association: Data Files