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format file pmm

What is a pmm file and how do I open a pmm file?

Files affixed with the PMM extension are data files created by Pegasus Mail to contain information on its electronic mail. Pegasus Mail is a free emailing program created by Windows. It may also hold information on drafts, received emails and sent emails and specially developed to save alls email messages for a user account. It can enable multiple users and mailboxes in a single system. It is also closely related to Mercury Mail Transport system, a free standard- based mail server solution. To view and manage files in the PMM format, it may require the user to have its authoring program, Pegasus Mail, installed into the user’s computer. Since such files are literally your email messages, editing, deleting and over-all management of PMM files will solely depend upon your liking. To manage PMM files outside its original program, users may have to convert such files to another format compatible with the desired software.

Recommended pmm file download:
Pegasus Mail
Detail pmm file extension information:
File Type: pmm
File Format: Pegasus Mail Mailbox File
Primary Association: Data Files