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format file pmo

What is a pmo file and how do I open a pmo file?

The PMO file format was developed by Broderbund for their PrintMaster software, which makes use of files with the .pmo extension. PrintMaster is an application integrated with features for digital desktop publishing. Users can create and modify DVD or CD cover labels, brochures, sticker designs and greeting cards among a wide variety of design templates which can be printed in different print media types using the PrintMaster program. PMO files hold important details of a PrintMaster project saved by a user. These details include the cached copies of digital images and other objects embedded in the PrintMaster project as well as the formatting and other layout attributes of the project. Files with the .pmo extension can also be used with other PMO files to improve and add design attributes to project templates. This can be done by the "Export" function integrated into the PrintMaster software. Users can also share their PMO files with other PrintMaster users for quicker and easier design collaboration.

Recommended pmo file download:
Broderbund PrintMaster v8 Platinum
Detail pmo file extension information:
File Type: pmo
File Format: Broderbund Print Meta Object File
Primary Association: Data Files