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format file postal

What is a postal file and how do I open a postal file?

The file extension POSTAL is used for data files that display locations referenced by TomTom GPS navigation. TomTom is a dutch manufacturer of GPS, or Global Positioning System receivers, including automotive navigation systems and a range of software for PDA’s or Personal Digital Assistants and mobile telephones. The company was also declared as the main map data provider for Apple’s iOS 6 maps application. Files in the POSTAL format include postal codes or zip codes, maps, streets, cities and other locations. To view and manage such files, it may require users to install the authoring software which is TomTom home wherein the content of the filesw may be viewed. It is advised that users refrain from opening this type of file manually as it may cause irreparable damage to the file.

Mac OS
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Detail postal file extension information:
File Type: postal
File Format: TomTom Postal Code File
Primary Association: Data Files