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format file prb

What is a prb file and how do I open a prb file?

The PRB file extension is used to indicate data files created by xyAlgebra, a free teaching aid software designed to tutor algebra and verbal problems. XyAlgebra is an interactive course wherein students are encouraged to enter as many steps as necessary. The program was developed to respond to students like an instructor would and to adjust its pace depending upon the needs of the student. XyAlgebra also features step by step sample problems and solutions, flagging an incorrect step as soon as it is typed, explanation of the principles of basic algebra, suggestion of hints when requested and many more. PRB files are mathematical files which are used to contain data on probability and displaying math problems and solutions. Such files are not meant to be opened manually as it may cause irreparable damage to the file.

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Detail prb file extension information:
File Type: prb
File Format: xyAlgebra Probabilities File
Primary Association: Data Files