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format file prj

What is a prj file and how do I open a prj file?

The PRJ file extension is used to indicate data files which are used by multiple programs to save project data and settings. Such files may also include reference to other files or projects. Some of the programs that make use of PRJ files are Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Steinberg’s WaveLab, and many more. PRJ files are basically generic project files and can be opened through the application that created it. To view installed programs capable of opening PRJ files, users may open the Windows File context menu. PRJ files are not advised to be opened manually through softwares except ithe authoring one, as doing so may cause irreversible damage to the file.

Mac OS
Recommended prj file download:
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
Autodesk AutoCAD 2014
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Freescale CodeWarrior
Mackie Tracktion
Detail prj file extension information:
File Type: prj
File Format: Project File
Primary Association: Data Files