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format file pvl

What is a pvl file and how do I open a pvl file?

Files under the PVL file format are data files referenced by the Instalit DOS/Windows installation toolkit. The Instalit toolkit offers features and functions to enable the installation of different programs and sequences. PVLlibrary files are data library used to store source code and scrip to include installation procedures. Such scripts and source codes are also used to install applications. PVL files can also store various commands and process details which users can insert into applications for installation. Users can refer to PVL library files to create new processes. The Instalit application and PVL files were developed for DOS/Windows environments, but are no longer developed or supported. To view and edit PVL library files, the authoring software must be used.

Recommended pvl file download:
HPI Instalit
Detail pvl file extension information:
File Type: pvl
File Format: Instalit Library
Primary Association: Data Files