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format file qb2009

What is a qb2009 file and how do I open a qb2009 file?

A QuickBooks 2009 File is integrated with data encoding standards that allow its content to be stored in the QB2009 file format. These files are affixed with the QB2009 extension. Used by QuickBooks, these QB2009 files are generally classified as data files that contain company accounting data comprised of relevant company overheads, income, report definitions, letters and other pieces of financial and statistical information. These files are used for tax filing, monitoring financial data and managing payroll accounts and databases. These files are usually located in C:QB2009Files. The Quickbooks 2009 software application offers multiple- currency handling capabilities, particularly up to a maximum of 99 billion financial entries. Also available are the QuickBooks messenger program, a live community forum, a statement writer applet for accountants, a client data review program and a company snapshot. It offers Quickbooks Simple Start, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Premier (including special e

Mac OS
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Detail qb2009 file extension information:
File Type: qb2009
File Format: QuickBooks 2009 File
Primary Association: Data Files