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format file qvw

What is a qvw file and how do I open a qvw file?

The QlikView Document file is stored in the QVW format and is affixed with the QVW extension, and is used by the QlikView software. These QVW files are QlikView design applications that contain reports, charts, key indicators, load script, expressions and settings of a business used in data presentations. These files are defined in Macros and store the relational data model and the contained data after a performed data load. They are saved in binary compressed format and compression results differ depending on data content. The compression process directly affects the amount of disk storage used and required time to read and open QVW files. Compressed documents require less disk space and their small size makes them easier to manage for import and export. The QlikTech International QlikView software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and run the QVW files. The QlikView software is an application for analyzing business intelligence.

Recommended qvw file download:
QlikTech International QlikView
Detail qvw file extension information:
File Type: qvw
File Format: QlikView Document
Primary Association: Data Files