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format file rcg

What is a rcg file and how do I open a rcg file?

The Recog Character Recognition Set file is stored in the RCG format and is affixed with the RCG extension, and is used by the Recog program. These RCG files are generally classified as data files that contain character recognition data that enables Recog to identify mouse-drawn characters. These files are continuously updated by the program itself by learning hand writing or mouse drawing styles. The Recog program is basically an educational program that uses neural networks for character recognition techniques. It demonstrates the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning. Its accuracy improves as it learns the hand writing or mouse drawing. The neural network approach uses initial image training set wherein the trained network creates the character identifications. Character recognition involves learning characters, character extraction line detection and other components that may affect the procedure. The Recog software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and run RCG f

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Detail rcg file extension information:
File Type: rcg
File Format: Recog Character Recognition Set
Primary Association: Data Files