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format file ret

What is a ret file and how do I open a ret file?

The BusinessObjects Template file is stored in the RET format and is affixed with the RET extension, and is used by BusinessObjects. These RET files are generally classified as data files that contain new report templates and components such as report settings and pre-defined queries. These templates may be included in the software or created. It is important to note that before creating a template there should be a report that serves as a model. They can be opened by choosing "Select a template" in the New Report Wizard and saving the template would create the RET file extension. The New Report Wizard offers a dialog box that enables viewing and selecting the chosen template. The default template is named "default.ret and the default location for templates is My DocumentsMy BusinessObjectsDocumentsTemplates folder in the desktop. The SAP BusinessObjects software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and read RET files.

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SAP BusinessObjects software
Detail ret file extension information:
File Type: ret
File Format: BusinessObjects Template
Primary Association: Data Files