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format file rpprj

What is a rpprj file and how do I open a rpprj file?

The Axure RP Shared Project File is stored in the RPPRJ format and is affixed with the RPPRJ extension and is used by Axure RP, a prototyping and wireframing application. These RPPRJ files are generally classified as data files that contain diagram that can be shared, annotated, versioned, and interactively upgraded during the design process. These files are used for creating prototypes of user interfaces. These are the project files to be stored on a shared network drive or in a Subversion version control repository for collaborative development. To create a shared project by selecting File then New Shared Project or by using an existing shared project by selecting File then get and Open Shared Project. As soon as the user finishes setting up the shared project, the Axure RP opens a local copy. The Axure RP software can be used in Mac operating systems and Microsoft Windows systems to access and view RPPRJ files.

Mac OS
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Axure RP
Axure RP
Detail rpprj file extension information:
File Type: rpprj
File Format: Axure RP Shared Project File
Primary Association: Data Files
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