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format file rsc

What is a rsc file and how do I open a rsc file?

The Symbian Application Compiled Resource File is stored in the RSC format and is affixed with the RSC extension and is used by Symbian Operating System. These RSC files are generally classified as data files that contain compiled and machine-readable resources from RSS format to binary format. They consist of an APP file and a finished Symbian application which allows modification of program resources minus the APP recompilation by application developers. In simpler terms the Symbian OS application file will access the compiled resource file. This process is beneficial to localizing the application to various languages. The Symbian application is an open or free source operating system created for touchscreen devices, mobile devices, and smartphones. It is equipped with libraries, user interface, frameworks and common tools reference implementation. The Nokia Carbide.c++, Nokia WRT plug-ins, and Nokia Symbian rcomp software can be used in Microsoft Windows to access and view RSC files.

Recommended rsc file download:
Nokia Carbide.c++
Nokia WRT plug-ins
Nokia Symbian rcomp
Detail rsc file extension information:
File Type: rsc
File Format: Symbian Application Compiled Resource File
Primary Association: Data Files