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format file rsp

What is a rsp file and how do I open a rsp file?

An RSLogix PLC program file is implemented with specifications proprietary to Rockwell Automation, and these RSLogix PLC program files are stored in the RSP file format. These RSLogix PLC program files are pproject output data files that can be created and edited using the RSLogix software. Affixed with the .rsp extension, the content of an RSLogix PLC program file may include source code and reference data used by certain Allen-Bradley PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). These pieces of data stored in an RSLogix PLC program file are program logic codes entered and saved by the author of the RSP file, and these codes can be developed with the free-form ladder editor. PLC ladder logic designs can also be integrated into the content of these RSLogix PLC program files. Files in the RSP format may also be copies of project output files that have been generated by the program automatically, for backup purposes. These RSLogix PLC program files can be authored using version 5 of the RSLogix software, along with RSLogix 5000 and RSLogix 500.

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Detail rsp file extension information:
File Type: rsp
File Format: RSLogix PLC Program File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-readsay-phrases