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format file rsv

What is a rsv file and how do I open a rsv file?

An RSView32 project file is implemented with source code compilation standards developed by Rockwell Automation, and these RSView32 project files are also integrated with encoding specifications used to store these data files in the RSV file format, which is also proprietary to Rockwell Automation. Affixed with the .rsv extension, these RSView32 project files can be created with the RSView32 software, an application designed to control machine-generated processes. The RSView32 program can also be implemented to monitor these machine processes. The data stored in these RSView32 project files may include components or objects used for the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the application, machine connection configurations or settings and source code data. These RSView32 project files are developed to author human-machine interfaces integrated into applications designed for controlling and monitoring processes facilitated by associated machines. The RSView32 application is required to reference the associated data stored in an RSView32 project file that is currently being viewed by a user with the RSView32 program.

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Rockwell Automation RSView32
Detail rsv file extension information:
File Type: rsv
File Format: RSView32 Project File
Primary Association: Data Files