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What is a rtp file and how do I open a rtp file?

A Gromacs residue topology parameter file is generally classified as a data file, and the content of a Gromacs residue topology parameter file includes biochemical data used for molecular research and analysis. The Gromacs software is described as an application with a set of integrated features for the simulation of dynamic molecular and biochemical activities. Residue data is stored in these Gromacs residue topology parameter files, and these data files are integrated with encoding specifications proprietary to Gromacs, which also developed the RTP file format. Molecular base parts represent these residue details that are stored as the content of an RTP file. The data saved in a Gromacs residue topology parameter file may specifically include bonds, atomic structures, dihedrals and angles among other pieces of information about a molecule. The pdb2gmx application is a program from Gromacs that was developed for the conversion of PDB (Protein Data Bank) content into a Gromacs residue topology parameter file. The Groningen Machine for Chemical Simulations term is abbreviated as "Gromacs".

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Detail rtp file extension information:
File Type: rtp
File Format: Gromacs Residue Topology Parameter File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-rtp