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format file rws

What is a rws file and how do I open a rws file?

The RWS file extension is implemented by the Retina Wireless Scanner for one of its program files, and these RWS files contain resources that this application requires to perform its intended operations. This software was developed by eEye Digital Security to serve as a wireless network security monitoring tool, which means this application was integrated with a set of features that can help network administrators and IT professionalss to manage all activity and data transmissions done by devices that are connected to the wireless network. This tool can also detect devices that are within the range of the wireless network, and it can also monitor computers that are trying to gain access to the resources of the wireless network. Real time monitoring functionalities are implemented into this software, among other features that allow network administrators and IT personnel to configure wireless network security settings and to implement solutions that can fortify the stability of network resources and overall data security. The content of these RWS files are referenced by this application when a user requests for access to certain features that correspond to the data stored in those .rws files.

Recommended rws file download:
eEye Digital Security Retina Wireless Scanner
Detail rws file extension information:
File Type: rws
File Format: Retina Wireless Scanner File
Primary Association: Data Files