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format file sbq

What is a sbq file and how do I open a sbq file?

The SBQ file extension was created by Superbase Developers and is generally known as Superbase QuickReports File or Query Definition File. This is a database program that allows client/server CS applications over a network and mainly consists of data query that utilizes a particular subset of data within the database. It can also be edited by the Report Designer found in the Superbase software. Programs that use the SBQ file extension include Superbase Classic, Superbase Scientific, Superbase SB Next Generation Workbench and SBF Parser. The Superbase Classic, regardless of their size, is a relational database system that develops data management solutions and consists of unique PPCS or peer-to-peer client/server technology. Superbase Scientific is a simulation application that allows the user to create real life issues and is basically controlled under full programming. Superbase Next Generation Workbench consists of several products such as basic and advanced development tools, report and form designer and end-user database.

Recommended sbq file download:
Superbase Classic
Superbase Scientific
Superbase SB Next Generation Workbench
Detail sbq file extension information:
File Type: sbq
File Format: Superbase QuickReports File
Primary Association: Data Files