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format file sc45

What is a sc45 file and how do I open a sc45 file?

The SC45 file extension stands for SuperCard 4.5 and is primarily associated with the SuperCard. The project file developed by SuperCard is considered to be a Mac OS X’s high-level visual authoring tool that includes application resources, scripts, and user interface components and has the ability to store data document for the Supercard runtime. Similar to the technology of Apple’s HyperCard, it also consists of multiple windows that execute a “stack”. The SC45 file extension is generally used to create software, teaching utilities and presentations. By using the free SuperCard player, SuperCard projects can be executed, however the files are not limited to this because these file extensions may be built into separate Mac OS X software. SuperCard has often been considered as difficult to provide information but through the seasons, it has quickly proven to be rock solid tool in scripting environments. Applications that accept the SC45 file extension are Solutions Etcetera SuperCard, Solutions Etcetera SuperEdit and Solutions Etcetera SuperCard Player.

Mac OS
Recommended sc45 file download:
Solutions Etcetera SuperCard
Solutions Etcetera SuperEdit
Solutions Etcetera SuperCard Player
Detail sc45 file extension information:
File Type: sc45
File Format: SuperCard Project File
Primary Association: Data Files