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format file scexcludb

What is a scexcludb file and how do I open a scexcludb file?

These SCEXCLUDB files are data files, and this file format was developed by Smith Micro and is implemented by the Spring Cleaning software. This application is generally used to remove clutter generated and commonly found from Mac OS systems. Under the Preferences window the Exclusions tab can be located wherein the application exclusions and contains database for filtering searches can be found. The exclusions that are found from the Spring Cleaning searches can be used to omit file types and particular directories. These exclusions can be accessed by first going to the computer user’s Library, then Application Support, Spring Cleaning, Scripts, and finally the Directory. Similar to SQLITE files, the SCESCLUDB file extensions consists of data that are saved in the SQLite format. The Smith Micro Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe is the program that is capable of opening SCEXCLUDB file extensions.

Mac OS
Recommended scexcludb file download:
Smith Micro Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe
Detail scexcludb file extension information:
File Type: scexcludb
File Format: Spring Cleaning Exclusions File
Primary Association: Data Files