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format file sel

What is a sel file and how do I open a sel file?

The SEL file extension is a LinkOne Selection List File type that was developed by Mincom and is categorized as a data file. File formats that are generated by LinkOne software is basically used to view service catalogues and online manufacturing parts. It also stores the parts list and selection field criteria chosen by the user. These types of files provide the user the option to save catalogue information and reload it later when needed. The following programs are commonly used to open SEL file extensions: (1) Mincom LinkOne WebView, (2) Mincom LinkOne Viewer and (3) Mincom LinkOne WinView.

Recommended sel file download:
Mincom LinkOne WebView
Mincom LinkOne Viewer
Mincom LinkOne WinView
Detail sel file extension information:
File Type: sel
File Format: LinkOne Selection List File
Primary Association: Data Files