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format file sen

What is a sen file and how do I open a sen file?

The SEN file extension developed by Neyer Software and is listed under the SenTest Data File type. File formats created via SenTest are scientific applications generally used for data analysis and sensitivity testing that consists of the test results that were conducted with the use of sensitivity recording equipment. These types of tests are conducted in mining, aerospace, automotive and other fields. These tests are also performed to determine the maximum permissible safe level and effectiveness of medicines, drugs and pesticides. When conducted in biological fields, these sensitivity tests are named LC50 or LD50 tests. Data archives that consist of compressed binary data and an internal header are created with Scifer which is a data archiving and compression application that utilizes a new logic for data compression that is based on Universal Common Logic, abbreviated as UCL.

Recommended sen file download:
Neyer Software SenTest
Detail sen file extension information:
File Type: sen
File Format: SenTest Data File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/octet-stream