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format file skc

What is a skc file and how do I open a skc file?

The SKC file extension is commonly known as SideKick Card File and was developed by the company Borland. The file is described as a database which is created with Borland SideKick and is known as a personal information manager or PIM program. It is also called a card file because it consists of a list of personal contacts and it also includes an archive of communications, memos and calendar events. SideKick 99 was the last version of SideKick and this software was developed for Windows 98 platform.

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Borland SideKick
Detail skc file extension information:
File Type: skc
File Format: SideKick Card File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: chemical/x-mdl-isis, chemical/x-mdl-tgf