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format file snag

What is a snag file and how do I open a snag file?

Developed by TechSmith Corporation, SNAG file extension contains a SnagIt capture file or we can say that this file extension is primarily associated with SnagIt. This image annotation as well as screen capturing program is used to edit and annotate screen captures. Moreover, SnagIt installation provides an editor which is used to save, open and edit SNAG Files. If a screen capture is taken through SnagIt, the resulting image is automatically opened in editor by the software. Originally operating under Windows operating systems, SnagIt program is now available for Apple MAC. The recent versions of SnagIt are comparatively featured including batch capture of multimedia, links and pictures as well. It allows the users to use keyboard shortcuts and set parameters in order to capture several types of data. All the data is saved in a folder known as ‘Catalog’. So, now users are able to capture the data from linked pages with the help of SnagIt.

Mac OS
Recommended snag file download:
TechSmith SnagIt
TechSmith SnagIt
Detail snag file extension information:
File Type: snag
File Format: SnagIt Capture File
Primary Association: Data Files