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format file sp45

What is a sp45 file and how do I open a sp45 file?

The SP45 file extension is used to save data files created by the SuperCard Player application. SuperCard Player is actually used for executing SuperCard data documents or .SC45 files. These SuperCard data documents are by default connected with SuperCard Player application. The documents, having the similar format as SC45 files are used to store standalone applications, presentations, user interface and other several programs. If compared, SP45 files have less usage than SC45 files. Operating under MAC operating system, Files with SP45 extension can be accessed through Solutions Etcetera SuperCard Player program where ‘Solutions Etcetera’ is the developer. However, the files can also work under Windows operating systems (XP, Vista and 7).

Mac OS
Recommended sp45 file download:
Solutions Etcetera SuperCard Player
Detail sp45 file extension information:
File Type: sp45
File Format: SuperCard Player File
Primary Association: Data Files