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format file sttpl

What is a sttpl file and how do I open a sttpl file?

A Samsung theme showcase file can be opened and viewed using the Samsung Theme Designer software, but these Samsung theme showcase files cannot be created using this application. The Samsung Theme Designer application is a program from Samsung that is integrated with a set of functionalities used for developing custom themes that can be implemented into compatible mobile phones and devices manufactured by Samsung. These Samsung theme showcase files are distributed as sample themes and bundled with supported Samsung mobile devices and phones. The content of these Samsung theme showcase files may include the visual layout attributes, digital image elements and other details associated to the sample Samsung theme. The operating system of these supported Samsung mobile phones and devices can also be used to view these Samsung theme showcase files. This is done by activating these sample themes within the Samsung mobile phone or device. Samsung mobile phone and device themes that can be created, customized and edited or modified using the Samsung Theme Designer software are files in the STPROJ format. These Samsung theme showcase files, on the other hand, cannot be edited or modified as custom themes, and these Samsung theme showcase files are implemented with encoding specifications proprietary to Samsung and used for the STTPL file format and the .sttpl extension.

Recommended sttpl file download:
Samsung Theme Designer
Detail sttpl file extension information:
File Type: sttpl
File Format: Samsung Theme Showcase File
Primary Association: Data Files