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format file stu

What is a stu file and how do I open a stu file?

A Pinnacle Studio project file is integrated with encoding specifications used for the STU file format, and this file format is used by the Pinnacle Studio software for its project output files. Affixed with the .stu extension, these Pinnacle Studio project files can also be created using the Pinnacle Studio application, which is classified as a program implemented with a set of features that can be used to author video development projects. These Pinnacle Studio project files can also be burned into optical media like DVDs, CDs and Blue-ray disks. The content of a Pinnacle Studio project file includes all project details that may include reference data associated to digital video files and audio clips entered in the project by the author of the STU file, as well as timelines and other metadata information corresponding to the video and audio data included in the Pinnacle Studio project file. The Pinnacle Studio software can also be used to export these Pinnacle Studio project files into other widely supported digital video file formats.

Recommended stu file download:
Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Ultimate
Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Ultimate, with new native 64-bit architecture, lets you create breathtaking movies with support for 4K Ultra HD video. Features including Powerful video editing, Live Screen Capture, 2000+ Video effects, Multi-layer editing, 4K Ultra HD Video support, Remove unwanted noise & enhance audio, Video sharing & Blu-ray Disc authoring.
Detail stu file extension information:
File Type: stu
File Format: Pinnacle Studio Project File
Primary Association: Data Files