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format file styk

What is a styk file and how do I open a styk file?

A Stykz stick figure file is generally classified as a data file, but these Stykz stick figure files are in fact digital image files embedded with animated 2D functionalities. The Stykz software, a program developed with a set of integrated features used in developing 2D stick figure objects modeled as stick figures or characters, is used to create and edit the content of these Stykz stick figure files, which in turn can modify the visual appearance and animated sequences implemetned into the 2D stick figure animation. Multiple Stykz stick figure files can be used to create an animated 2D stick figure sequence with longer timelines. These Stykz stick figure files are integrated with digital image compilation specifications to allow the 2D objects and elements entered into a Stykz stick figure model development project to be configured with moving points which can be manipulated to simulate animated movement of the 2D stick figure. These 2D stick figure animations are also called Stykz figure animations. Group collaboaration is made possible for the development of these Stykz stick figure models through the Library palette integrated into the Stykz application.

Mac OS
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Sons of Thunder Stykz
Sons of Thunder Stykz
Detail styk file extension information:
File Type: styk
File Format: Stykz Stick Figure
Primary Association: Data Files