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format file t10

What is a t10 file and how do I open a t10 file?

This file format is used by software called TaxCut (rebranded to H&R Block At Home for the 2009 tax year) created by H&R Block e-solutions. A new version of this software is released each year in order to comply with the latest tax filing guidelines. This is accessible both online and from a DVD which can be requested. This tax preparation software enables US based citizens to prepare their federal and state tax return forms, validate the data in such and finally submit them to the IRS. Submission in most cases is done online however one can opt to print the forms instead for manual submission via the post. The number at the end signifies the year for which the return is created. The file extension in question here is specifically for returns made for the year 2010 and cannot be opened with any other versions of the software.

Mac OS
Recommended t10 file download:
H&R Block At Home
H&R Block At Home
Detail t10 file extension information:
File Type: t10
File Format: At Home 2010 Tax Return
Primary Association: Data Files