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format file t2kt

What is a t2kt file and how do I open a t2kt file?

This file is created by a specialist memory training and student assessment software often used by schools named Teach2000. This is the test file itself distributed to students either via email or placed a shared network location. Once the student has completed the test (normally consisting of multiple choice or free form questions) the information is encrypted into a T2KS file, this is a secure results file. This results file can later be viewed by the teacher, the only one in possession of the ability to decrypt this file. Additionally one requires a password prior to actually taking the test to ensure that they are a valid recipient of such and to prevent unauthorized access.

Recommended t2kt file download:
Basement.nl Teach2000
Detail t2kt file extension information:
File Type: t2kt
File Format: Teach2000 Exam File
Primary Association: Data Files