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format file tardist

What is a tardist file and how do I open a tardist file?

Archives developed by SGI for the distribution and installation of SGI UNIX-based IRIX system software are known as TARDIST files. These files can be found on web pages and upon clicking the link to the file, these files can be used to install the program. The TARDIST format can be opened using TAR utilities since it has similarities with the TAR format. A utility that belongs to the IRIX system called “inst” can be used to install TARDIST files wherein these files contain scripts that this IRIX system use to install the software. When the software is installed, managing it may require the use of a manager program used by SGI software. TARDIST files can be opened using GNU TAR, a program that allows users to create TAR archives. The IRIX inst can also open TARDIST files. It is an application used for the installation, upgrade and removal of software.

Recommended tardist file download:
IRIX inst
SGI Software Manager
Detail tardist file extension information:
File Type: tardist
File Format: TAR Distribution Archive
Primary Association: Data Files