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format file tpb

What is a tpb file and how do I open a tpb file?

The GROMACS software is used for molecular and biochemical data research and analysis. Some features integrated into the GROMACS application can also be used to simulate biochemical and molecular processes corresponding to the scientific and mathematical computations integrated by a GROMACS user into the biochemical and molecular data he or she entered into a GROMACS binary input file. Settings and timelines for the start point of the visualized or simulated molecular structure and other details associated to the topology configurations of the molecular strands may also be included in the content of these GROMACS binary input files. These GROMACS binary input files are integrated with text and binary formatting standards used for the generation of input files saved in the TPB format. Certain encoding specifications are also implemented into these GROMACS binary input files, and these custom specifications are used to store these text and binary-formatted scientific, mathematical and statistical data and animated content in a file appended with the .tpb extension.

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File Type: tpb
File Format: GROMACS Binary Input File
Primary Association: Data Files