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format file tst

What is a tst file and how do I open a tst file?

A TestPoint test file contains instructions and source code for testing programs and measurement applications that were developed using the TestPoint software. These TestPoint test files are integrated with source code data compilation standards proprietary to Measurement Computing, which also developed the TestPoint application. A TestPoint test file is also implemented with encoding specifications used for generating files in the TST format with the use of the TestPoint software. Affixed with the .tst extension, these TestPoint test files store data associated to scientific and mathematical units of measurements, including pressure, speed, voltage and electrical current among other pieces of information. The TestPoint software is mainly used to develop applications intended for the inclusion of features and functionalities required by scientists, engineers and researchers for gathering and analyzing scientific and mathematical data associated to the units of measurement used in tests, experiments and design projects.

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Measurement Computing TestPoint
Detail tst file extension information:
File Type: tst
File Format: TestPoint Test File
Primary Association: Data Files