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format file ulz

What is an ulz file and how do I open an ulz file?

A USBlyzer data capture file is generally classified as a data file that consists of data recorded by the USBlyzer program, and data encoding standards and text formatting attributes are integrated into these USBlyzer data capture files so its content can be saved and stored in the ULZ file format. Affixed with the .ulz extension, the content stored in a USBlyzer data capture file may consist of a hierarchical list of USB devices connected to a computer with the USBlyzer application installed in it. Text descriptions associated to each of these connected or synched USB devices are stored and provided by the corresponding USBlyzer data capture file through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the USBlyzer software. The USBlyzer application is a program implemented with a set of functionalities used for protocol data compilation and analysis. Data categorized as structural IRP and URB content may be stored in these USBlyzer data capture files. Details about transfer bufferring systems and USB device driver element names can also be saved in a USBlyzer data capture file among other details like I/O request packets, USB-related requests and outgoing or incoming USB traffic figures.

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Detail ulz file extension information:
File Type: ulz
File Format: USBlyzer Data Capture File
Primary Association: Data Files